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Referral Incentive! $100 Credit

Serving our customers is what we love to do. One of the best compliments we receive is when you refer a friend or neighbor to your local Ceres Solutions Propane Team. Thanks!  Here's the "fine print" to ensure your referral is qualified for the reward.  Obtain this referral card for your local team. 

> A “new” customer has not purchased Propane from us for two years.
> Use referral card. No other format (verbal, text, etc.) eligible.
> Reward ($100) is a credit to existing Ceres Solutions account, not cash.
> Card must be received within 30 days of tank set.
> New customer is within the Ceres Solutions service area. : )
> New customer must have approved Credit Application with us.
> Must be scheduled fill with at least 200 gal. minimum first delivery load
> Must be new tank set or competitor switch out.
> Not applicable: short-term rental/high-turnover properties.
> Referrals unlimited if all requirements are met!

Newest Location: Angola Propane

 All customers who previously relied on the talents of the former Sheets LP family-owned propane business now see their familiar team wearing the Ceres Solutions brand.

This group (known for years as the Sheets Pros in Propane) are ready to serve Angola and the surrounding area with competitive pricing, quality products and the same local expertise customers have grown to trust. Welcome, Ceres Propane Angola, and all customers!

Serving You: It's What We Love to Do!

Need Propane Gas? We Make It Easy!

Find out what Ceres Solutions Cooperative can deliver for you.  For home, farm and commercial business, our team is ready to deliver the safe, competitively priced propane gas you need.  Contact your nearest Ceres Solutions Cooperative location (See LocationsTab) or propane professional. We're ready to serve you!

Did You Know You Can Order Fuel Online?
Of course, most customers find it's best to select the propane program that's just right for you... scheduled fill Budget Pay offers you the ultimate peace of mind! But if you prefer to order fuel as needed, you can order on this website. Just click the Order Form drop down on the Propane Tab. Complete the order form, and our team will be in touch!

You Can Also Pay Your Bill Online!  It's easy. Simply create an account online with us. You already know how to pull up our website... From our main webpage, choose the “Pay Bill” button and it will redirect you to our eAgvantage Log In Page. If you have not previously created an online account, you'll want to click on “First Time Sign On” option to the left of the log in boxes. You'll provide a few details: Account ID/Number, Create a Password, Confirm Password, Last 4 of your SSN for security, and your E-mail Address. That's it! If you have any questions in the process, our resource team is here. Call (765) 362-6700 and ask for Ashley.   Our team wants to make it easy for you!

Easy to Switch, Easy to Pick Your Program, Easy to Order, Easy to Pay!

Stay Smart... Stay Safe

 Learn to recognize the odor of propane gas, and always be responsive if you detect that smell. Here are some warning signs to watch for:

  • When the smell of gas lasts more than an instant after igniting stove-top burners
  • When the presence of a foul odor persists
  • When you cannot find the reason for the foul odor.
  • What you think may be garbage, sewage, or a dead animal may be a serious gas leak.
  • When you hear a hissing noise near a gas appliance or storage tanks and cylinders.
What is Odor Fade? 
Odor fade can occur when there is an underground propane leak.  The movement of gas through the soil can filter out the odorant. New and reconditioned tanks and cylinders that sit too long before being filled are prone to internal rust when moisture and air get inside.  This can also cause odor fade.
If you suspect a Gas Leak... call Ceres Solutions immediately from a safe area.
  • Put out smoking materials and other open flames 
  • Do not operate electric switches, light matches, use your home phone or cell phone
  • Get everyone out of the building or area.
  • Close all gas tank or cylinder supply valves