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Basic Freeview Account with CORE Agronomics.
 Plus is $2,495 per year.

Streamline workflow and gain exceptional sightlines... field by field. Your Ceres Solutions Agronomy Team integrates basic Agworld capabilities for you. And the Plus app offers even more.

  • Track scheduled plans and completion status as it happens 
  • Access the app dashboard, receive text alerts and e-mail notifications
  • Review notes, maps, photos and more... where and when you need it 
  • Get greater customization with the Plus functions... manage work, finance data + more
  • First 10 PLUS subscribers receive a free YETI jug... see your Ceres team to claim yours





Agworld's easy-to-use apps put all the important information at your fingertips, even when you don't have an internet connection.  Working closely with your Ceres Solutions team, you can capture records, make observations, monitor machinery and oversee field applications... plus documenting accurate compliance data is easier than ever before. 

"If it's happening on your field, we can capture it. For CORE Agronomics customers, the Agworld app helps us piece together even more relevant data for you, in real time."

- Matt Clark, Ag Data Manager
Ceres Solutions

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