Meet Sina Parks:
 Striking the Balance in Productivity, Profitability and Preservation at Ceres

Did You Know...?

Truterra (available from Ceres) offers the leading farmer-driven ag and food sustainability program in the US. The sustainability tool provides profitability, stewardship, and cost-share opportunities on a field-by-field basis, while collecting data and preparing you for new market opportunities. Market opportunities such as our carbon program focus on generating the industry's highest farmer return-per-acre and have been described as the most farmer-favorable contract opportunity in the marketplace. Learn more!  Contact your local Ceres team or visit!


Through an exciting partnership with Pheasants Forever and other organizations, we're pleased to have precision ag and conservation specialist Sina Parks available to help our customers navigate today's most challenging stewardship issues.

Are you maximizing program funding opportunities to achieve your goals?

Sina is here to help!