From 0% Fungicide to 100%?  That's Confidence.

What convinced Newton County farmer Doug DeYoung and family to go from fungicide skeptics to fungicide advocates?  Results he could not deny... in his own field.
"I saw for myself what happened on a field adjacent to our farm, and then witnessed a 40 bu. increase in my own test acres. Now, we go all in with fungicide from Ceres on 100% of corn acres, and same for beans. When we started on our beans, we saw a 10-15 bu. increase and I sent images from the yield monitor to my Ceres rep.  Unbelieveable.  Years ago, I would have passed. Today, I won't go without it.  It's a complete mindset change for us... and it's paying off."

Success Story

Fungicides Prove Their Value... See Your Ceres Team

Get the latest technology in one crop-based adjuvant to enhance spray coverage and protect plant health... especially this year, fungicides will prove their value.  For example, MasterLock works with fungicides and insecticides and may be used with herbicides and other crop protection products. It helps get droplets down in the canopy. The combination of increased adhesion, reduction in bounce and increased canopy penetration leads to more fungicide and insecticide where it is needed the most. 

Consider these to review the features and benefits and consult with your Ceres Solutions professsionals to learn more about fungicide response.

The Ceres Team ranked the top selling hybrids in our area by Response to Fungicide (RTF) score... find yours.

RTF:    Response to Fungicide (RTF) is a score that ranks a hybrids overall plant health response to a tassel/silking stage fungicide application. Hybrids are tested each year in the Answer Plot® system using ground application equipment and MasterLock® adjuvant to precisely measure a hybrid’s incremental yield gain after fungicide application. Knowing the hybrid’s RTF score helps growers better prioritize their fungicide application spend and better predict a positive ROI response.

Here's what our team is seeing in local fields...

That's Ceres Solutions' John Gibson addressing RTF seen in central and northwestern Indiana fields...

That's Ceres Solutions' Jim Sprowl addressing RTF performance in central Indiana fields...

Want to learn about RTF in our southern Indiana fields? Catch up with Ceres Solutions' Josh Mason...

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