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  • Invest in herbicide applications that reach your target
  • Adjuvants in the tank help keep droplet size ideal
  • Get the size, weight and velocity you need 
  • Reduce drift with the right product -- ask your Ceres team

Improve performance with the correct adjuvant:

Consider 3 popular strategies below to improve efficacy and reduce drift.

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  • Fits glyphosate and glufosinate applications
  • Conditions the water in the tank
  • CornSorb additive improves uptake
  • Formula designed to minimize foaming
  • Optimize glyphosate and dicamba 
  • Tie up harmful cations without AMS
  • CornSorb additive improves uptake
  • Easy to use liquid formulation
  • All purpose adjuvant
  • Improves spray deposition on targeted acres
  • Increases canopy depth
  • Helps reduce fine particles in the spray pattern
  • Improves spray deposition
  • improves canopy penetration
  • Reduces drift and evap risk
  • Better droplet sticking and spreading
  • NPE free; should not contribute to arrested ear

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See your Ceres Agronomy Team to learn which solution is right for you.

Liberty and Extend Acres

Class Act NG + InterLock

Enlist Herbicide + Class Act NG + StrikeLock

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