The next generation of nitrogen stabilization.

CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer available now from Ceres Solutions is the future of nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN. Featuring a patented active ingredient, CENTURO offers highly effective nitrification inhibition protecting N from both leaching and denitrification losses (below ground loss) and unequaled flexibility in an easy-to-handle solution.  This is a tried-and-true product with over 10 years of validated testing. And now, we're ready to bring it to you. 

CENTURO Features & Benefits

Proven Yield Results
By keeping more nitrogen available for plant uptake, research has shown CENTURO can improve yields. In a 2019 study, UAN treated with CENTURO yielded 28 bushels per acre more than untreated UAN.1

Ease of Use
With the ability to be added before, during or after the addition of UAN, CENTURO delivers the flexibility you need to run your operation with maximum efficiency. It is compatible with most liquid nitrogen fertilizer products. Unlike alternative products on the market, the use rate for CENTURO is per ton of nitrogen, not per acre. This allows for create greater flexibility to adjust nitrogen rates across farming systems.
Regardless of UAN or ammonia, CENTURO economically protects every pound of ammonium N – no matter the rate.
Noncorrosive Formula 
CENTURO is 100% noncorrosive to UAN and anhydrous ammonia equipment, making it easy-to-handle and gentle on equipment.

In third-party research studies conducted in the corn belt in 2016 and 2017, CENTURO improved nitrogen use efficiency by up to 25%.2
Protecting Your Investment 
When it comes to keeping more nitrogen in the field, growers know that it’s both an agronomic and environmental opportunity. The nitrogen cycle involves the movement of nitrogen between the soil, living things and the atmosphere. When nitrogen – from soil organic matter or applied as fertilizer – leaches below a plant’s root zone, it can be transported to nearby waterways.

CENTURO nitrogen stabilizer gives growers another tool to further improve productivity while simultaneously minimizing potential environmental impacts. Research has shown that CENTURO is proven to slow nitrification which reduces the potential for leaching and denitrification, minimizing potential losses to the environment. It also extends your window of protection against the impact of environmental factors like temperature and moisture on the rate of nitrification.


CENTURO: Proven protection for anhydrous ammonia and UAN.

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How does CENTURO slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate?

Save precious time in the spring and increase yields in the process? CENTURO can help.

Keep applied nitrogen in the ammonium form 3 times longer than untreated nitrogen. Learn how:

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