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Custom Seed Solutions Delivered Daily. 

Seed is one of your most critical decisions. Let's talk about your specific needs.   Plus, right now with your Ceres Team, you can get your best deals before October 22. Custom recommendations, seed treatments, high performing seed brands and more... financing available!

The Right Seed

Custom recs. 
Best selection.
Latest hybrids and treatments. 
Bulk options. 
Regional hubs. 

We strive for a level of operational excellence that sets us apart and sets customers ahead. Contact your local Ceres Solutions sales expert to learn more about what Ceres Solutions Seed can deliver for you! 

With You All the Way...  Ceres Agronomists

All season long your local Ceres Solutions Agronomy team brought unmatched expertise and timely insights. Here's the final recap shared from each team member. You can bet we look forward to delivering text, email and video updates in 2022 to help you meet your production and profitability goals.

A visit in the field with Troy Jenkins, Ceres Solutions Agronomist on August 17.

A visit in the field with Betsy Bower, Ceres Solutions Agronomist on August 2.

A visit in the field with Jeff Nagel, Ceres Solutions Agronomist on July 14.

We are Farmer-Focused

Ceres Solutions Cooperative strives to deliver the products, services and information to help local farmers optimize inputs, reduce risk and maximize yields.

Our seed, precision and agronomy professionals are beside you every step of the production process to capture opportunities and effectively solve issues before they become problems. 

  • Trusted local one-on-one agronomics focused on results
  • Dedicated seed team sourcing the best genetics and traits
  • Expert consultation, tools, resources and input financing

Increase Output on Every Acre. 


  • accurate, reliable soil test results
  • a partner who knows the acre like no other
  • custom recs and resources to back them
  • local access to expertise
  • new tech and data innovation
  • grid or zone options

A small percentage of the population has been charged with the most critical task on earth... produce safe, affordable, abundant grain and protein using stewardship practices that ensure the ability to produce even more tomorrow. We work beside that small percentage of people. They're farmers.

Tell the Story

Resource: View Our Video Library Addressing Top Grower Topics 


Target Your Solution: Defend Yield Potential
In-season nutrient applications help defend and protect yield potential against environmental stresses and boost overall plant growth. But you can’t fix issues you don’t know exist. With NutriSolutions testing and analysis, you’ll target nutrient investments tighter than ever for maximum economic and agronomic benefit.

  • boost performance in high-potential areas
  • minimize waste on areas with low potential
  • receive timely, actionable expert insights
  • effectively manage plant health issues
  • earn discounts with Ceres Solutions precision program enrollment
  • Let us put our resources to work…  pin pointing yield limiting issues caused by weather, weeds or pests.