We Are Farmer Focused

Ceres Solutions Cooperative strives to deliver the products, services and information to help local farmers make the most of every cropping decision.

Our seed and agronomy professionals are beside you every step of the production process to capture opportunities and effectively solve issues before they become problems. 

  • Trusted local one-on-one consultation focused on results
  • Precision expertise: optimize inputs, reduce risk and maximize yields
  • Dedicated seed team sourcing the best genetics and traits
  • Expert consultation, tools and resources (Climate, NutriSolutions, Irrigation, R7)
  • Advantageous programs for bundling your agronomy purchases
  • Crop input financing programs
Ask An Expert

Ceres Solutions Expert Resources 

Your local Ceres Solutions Agronomy team brings unmatched expertise to your operation every day. They're ready to help you with all your questions.  Plus, they are backed by some of the industry's leading Certified Agronomists... bringing even more expert knowledge to meet your needs. Together, we're on the cutting edge of agronomic innovations... delivering solutions farmers need to meet their production and profitability goals. 

Precision Agronomy

Comprehensive Crop Consulting

Hundreds of growers and thousands of acres each year experience the value gained through more intentionally focused, deep soil analysis and unbiased crop consultation. Not all packages are the same... get the most relevant crop support, information, personal attention and results you demand.

Our precision programs build on:

  • superior soil sampling
  • custom nutrient plans
  • unbiased consultation
  • onsite support in season
  • yield data maps
  • planting maps
  • executive summaries


Customers who purchase from our Precision Agronomy team each year already know... it pays for itself.  Let's have a conversation about what it can do for you!

The Difference is:

  • 2.5 acre sample pulls
  • 8 core samples of each area
  • support of the leading lab in our industry
  • agronomics backed by decades of local experience
  • fertilizer recommendations specific to your fields
  • analysis review and action plan developed –and adapted—right at your table


The Right Seed

One of the most critical decisions you'll make on your farm is your seed investment.

Ceres Solutions partners with the leading seed companies in the industry to offer you the best selection. We have the ability to source and deliver the latest hybrids and treatments to bring you the best genetic potential, and the best weed and pest resistence. We also offer those proven tried-and-true favorites.

At Ceres Solutions, we strive for a level of operational excellence that sets us apart and sets customers ahead. Our services include, but are not limited to, bulk seed options, various seed treatments, customized seed recommendations, and flexible delivery options. Contact your local Ceres Solutions sales expert to learn more about what Ceres Solutions Seed can deliver for you this year. 


Target Your Solution: Defend Yield Potential
In-season nutrient applications help defend and protect yield potential against environmental stresses and boost overall plant growth. But you can’t fix issues you don’t know exist. With NutriSolutions testing and analysis, you’ll target nutrient investments tighter than ever for maximum economic and agronomic benefit.

  • boost performance in high-potential areas
  • minimize waste on areas with low potential
  • receive timely, actionable expert insights
  • effectively manage plant health issues
  • earn discounts with Ceres Solutions precision program enrollment
  • Let us put our resources to work…  pin pointing yield limiting issues caused by weather, weeds or pests.

Sustainability Solutions Served Here

A very small percentage of the population has been charged with the
most critical task on earth... produce safe, affordable, abundant grain
and protein using stewardship practices that ensure their ability to
produce even more safe, affordable, abundant food tomorrow. 

We work beside that small percentage of people... they’re farmers. 

At Ceres Solutions, we integrate tools, technologies and
best practices to help farm families optimize opportunities
to increase marketable outputs per each unit of inputs.
Our commitment, like theirs, is local and long-term. Together,
we continuously adapt to improve the delicate balance
between productivity, profit and preservation. The
goal is not just for farm families to sustain, but to thrive.

Tell Your Story

Ceres Solutions and Land O' Lakes stand beside our members as they tell their story ... the conservation story. Farmers continue to improve the delicate balance between productivity, profit and preservation. That's the Sustain story, too. And we're proud to help tell it!

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