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A Few Words on The Power of Good...

As we welcome a new year, we naturally reflect on the close of a difficult one.  Our primary concerns at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic were simple... how do we keep employees safe? How can we be sure to deliver for customers? We serve industries that will not have the luxury of “pausing” from the demands of work... How can we best protect the health of those customers, plus our suppliers and partners?

    In a very short period of time, almost everything familiar about our business came to a screeching halt. Life changed.

   In response, we enacted best practices for hygiene, physical distancing, remote work, protective rotations of critical staff, health checks and a host of other modifications. We adapted quickly. We learned a lot.  Our most lasting takeaway is in the power of good people to do good things... we are grateful for the spirit and resilience of customers, co-workers and communities alike.  We all did our best, and can fortunately look back at just how well it actually went in most circumstances. We hope you found this to be true as you interacted with Ceres Solutions through 2020.  The opportunity to work beside friends and neighbors to build collective success, even in times of extreme uncertainty, is not to be underestimated. We consider ourselves extremely blessed to be a part of your lives and community.  Thank you. 
Together, let's embrace all the good 2021 will bring.

We Miss You.

COVID-19 Weary?   We are, too.  But please don't let your guard down.  Cases are on the rise. 

Like you, we're grateful for the many ways technology and resourcefulness have kept us well connected!  Even socially distanced, we're 100% ready to serve you through the winter and beyond.

As we continue to protect our customers and our team members with limited or restricted location traffic, postponed meetings and travel, and phone calls rather than visits, just know...

We really do look forward to the time when we can visit together.

Until then, mindful of the critical job we all have to do, we remain appropriately social-distanced and focused on the task at hand. As always, thanks for your understanding.  Stay safe and take good care.

CDC Website

Sampling and Custom Recommendations

Our agronomy and energy teams are ready to roll in service to you this fall. Let's work together to help accomplish your goals through a safe harvest.

Interested in soil samplling? Our expert programs deliver results. Find out more about the capabilities we can bring to you! 

Do You ROGO?

"Stay flexible. Always be willing to learn new things. Take on new tasks."

Clayton Cunningham believes in developing his skills and being ready for the next opportunity. He also appreciates the support team and how he's encouraged at Ceres to “push the bar a little higher” every day. 

"There is no limit to where you can go or what you can do in this company if you show you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and push yourself.”  Clayton serves as Crops 63 Seed Hub Manager.  Find your fit at Ceres…


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New Crop 2021
4.71 -0.30
4.71 -0.30
4.00 -0.30
Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
Mar '21 @C1H 5.0050 5.2250 5.0050 5.2275 4.9925 -0.2375
May '21 @C1K 5.0300 5.2475 5.0300 5.2475 5.0125 -0.2325
Jul '21 @C1N 4.9875 5.2075 4.9875 5.2075 4.9725 -0.2350
Sep '21 @C1U 4.5150 4.7000 4.5150 4.7100 4.4975 -0.2125
Dec '21 @C1Z 4.3025 4.4775 4.3025 4.4775 4.2825 -0.1850
Mar '22 @C2H 4.3750 4.5350 4.3750 4.5350 4.3550 -0.1775
Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
Mar '21 @S1H 13.1175 13.6700 13.1175 13.6700 13.0525 -0.5850
May '21 @S1K 13.1175 13.6575 13.1175 13.6575 13.0500 -0.5700
Jul '21 @S1N 12.9850 13.5150 12.9850 13.5150 12.9125 -0.5600
Aug '21 @S1Q 12.5400 13.0050 12.5400 13.0475 12.4650 -0.5650
Sep '21 @S1U 11.6100 12.1025 11.6100 12.1025 11.5225 -0.5725
Nov '21 @S1X 11.1200 11.6500 11.1200 11.6500 11.0325 -0.5650
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Change Location
Co-Alliance Stephens2 ColTow
Feels Like
33 F
93 %
Dew Point
31 F
30.03 inHg
N 0 mph
08:02 AM
05:57 PM

Sun 1/24

Mon 1/25

Tue 1/26

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Thu 1/28


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34 F

34 F

33 F

28 F


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29 F

29 F

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